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Murmansk region, Apatity, 24a Fersman St., 184209

Tel: (81555) 76427, 79310
Fax: (81555) 74844
Directing agency: Presidium KSC RAS
Director - FEDOR D. LARICHKIN, Dr.Sc. (Econ.)
Scientific Secretary - ELENA P. BASHMAKOVA, PhD (Econ.)
Deputy Director on scientific work - ELENA A. VERBINENKO, PhD (Econ.)
Deputy Director on scientific work - VLADIMIR V. DIDYK, PhD (Econ.)

The Institute of Economic Problems, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences

was established on 24 December 1986 based on the Department for Economic Research of the Kola Branch of the USSR AS by a resolution of the Council of Ministers USSR No. 1226 "Multiple use of minerals on the Kola Peninsula" to conduct economic studies in the Far North.

    At present the Institute includes 14 research departments (8 departments and 6 sectors). The staff - 109, including 69 researchers, 6 Doctors and 30 Candidates of Sciences.

Main achievements of the Institute in recent years:

  • development of a theoretical basis for management under unique natural conditions, including the preparation of a report on the instructions of Security Council RF "Economic systems of the North for national economic security support";
  • development of zoning techniques for northern territories of the Russian Federation according to its conveniences and available transport and the fulfillment of application studies of earmarking for a given area;
  • scientific foundation and preparation of legislation of the Russian Federation on "State insurance arrangements and indemnities for the citizens, residing and working in the Far North and equated territories" and "Foundations of government socio-economic development control in the North of the Russian Federation";
  • scientific and methodical support of and participation in the development of the Concept of socio-economic development of the Murmansk region and Development strategy of basic industries till 2015;
  • application works on stabilization and sustainable development control of the largest local enterprises (JSC "Apatit", JSC "Severonikel", Kovdor ore mining and processing enterprise, Murmansk Marine Port, trust "Arctic marine oil-and-gas prospecting", etc.)

        Publication of research data is an important Institute's activity. For 2000-2003 the researchers of the Institute authored a total of 800 works, including 21 monographs, 33 booklets, over 90 articles in Russian journals and 25 articles in foreign journals. Since 1998 the Institute has been issuing an information bulletin "North and Market: economic order control". The cooperation with the largest enterprises of the Murmansk region favoured the publishing of subject-oriented bulletins, portraying some scientific-practical issues of their development. A special annual issue is made up of works of post-graduates and competitors for an economic degree. Training of highly professional manpower is given considerable attention to: 47 post-graduate students take a course of studies at the Institute; during 2000-2003 40 theses were defended at the dissertation council of the Institute.

        At present the dissertation council accepts dissertations for competition of an academic degree of a Candidate of Economical Sciences, specialty 08.00.05 - economics and national economy management (regional economics; economics, organization and operation of business, industries, and industrial complexes).

    The main research effort of the Institute is determined by the priority economic research set up by the Presidium RAS and includes the following issues:

  • regional economy management: sustainable development of social market economy, economic federalism, property relations, financial systems and tax-budget structures, commodity research and logistics;
  • strategy and control mechanism of socio-economic development of territorial systems, economical heterogeneity and zoning of the North, international economic cooperation and special economic zones;
  • regional industrial and investment policy, sustainable development of proprietary organization in the North, pricing and costs, marketing and personnel management;
  • regional nature management in the North, including development of bio-and hydrocarbon resources and their integrated ecological and economical assessment;
  • coordination of defense and economic activities in the Arctic, economical problems of conversion, socio-economic development control of closed territories.

    Main publications.

    Department of Arctic Seas Resource Economy
    Department of State and Corporate Finances.
    Department of Regional Financial Market.
       Sector for Regional Equity Market.
    Department for Analysis and Control of Territorial Systems.
    Department of Social Policy in the North.
       Sector of Welfare Standards.
       Sector of Sociological Studies.
    Department of Industrial and Innovation Policy.
    Department of Nature Management Economics in the European North.
       Sector for Economic Mechanism of Nature Management.
       Sector for Economics of Mineral Raw Resources.
    Department of marine Economy
       Sector for Economics of Marine Deposits
    Sector for Economics and Organization of Commodity Turnover.
    Sector for Macroeconomic Management.
    Sector for International Economic Cooperation.
    Sector for Socio-Economic Problems of Food Security.
    Sector for Investment Economics.
    Sector for Mathematical Methods and Forecast.