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RUSSIA 184209

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Methodic aspects of analyzing technological information during drilling-and-blasting operations in open-pits
Monograph / V.A.Fokin; ed. by N.N.Melnikov
Mining Institute of KSC RAS
- Apatity: KSC RAS, 2015.-133 p.
ISBN 978-5-91137-333-7

Prediction and Indicative Planning of Regional Economic Space Structure Transformation
Monograph / E. N. Kuz'bozhev, E. A. Verbinenko, I. F. Maltseva
- Apatity: KSC of the RAS, 2015.-214 p.
ISBN 978-5-91137-303-0

Organic matter of the soils of the Island Western Spitcbergen,s fjord coasts
Litvinova T.I.
- Apatity: KSC RAS. 2015. 122 p.

Chemistry of the Titanium subgroup: fluoric, phosphatic and fluorophosphatic compounds from agueous media
Godneva M.M. - Apatity: KSC RAS. 2015. 222 p.

Geotechnology and mineral dressing: Proceeding of the 6th Conference of Young Scientists with International Speakers Invited (Apatity, November 19-20, 2015)
Mining Institute of the KSC of the RAS
- Apatity: Ed. KSC RAS, 2015 - 100 .

Government Policy as Competitiveness Driver for Arctic Regions: Research Methodology, Experience from Norway and Lessons for Russia: monograph
Group of authors; ed.by E.A.Borovichev, A.M. Kryshen
- Apatity: Ed. KSC RAS, 2015, - 320 .

Marianna L. Ramenskaya (life and scientific activity. Selected works, translations)
Group of authors; ed.by E.A.Borovichev, A.M. Kryshen
- Apatity: KSC RAS, 2015, - 204 .

Mechanisms of spatial interaction of coastal region enterprises with single and small batch production: monograph
Khrapov V.E., Turchinova T.V.
- Apatity: Publ. KSC RAS, 2015. - 105 p.

Morphological atlas of the titanium dioxide-based composite modified by Al3+, Cu2+, Co2+ and Ni2+ cation: Atlas
Sedneva T.A., A.T.Belyaevsky
- Apatity: Publ. KSC RAS, 2015. -115 p.

Arctic Marine Environmental Management in the XXI Century - Actual of Scientific Traditions and Innovations
(on an 80-year anniversary celebration of Proc. Intern. Sci. Conf (Murmansk,1- 3 April 2015) I [ed. by G.G.Matishov]; Murmans Biological Institute KSC RAS.
- Apatity: Publ. KSC RAS, 2015. -275 p.