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14, Fersman str., Apatity, Murmansk reg.,
RUSSIA 184209

phone: +7 (81555) 79595;
fax: +7 (81555) 76425.

email: admin@admksc.apatity.ru

Socio-economic development of the Murmansk region: dynamics, regularities, control: monograph
T.P. Skufina, E.E. Toropushina, S.V. Baranov.br> Reviewers:
E.V.Ilicheva, Doctor of Economic Sciences; E.A.Korchak, PhD (Economics)
- Apatity, KSC RAS. 2017. - 124 p.
UDC 332.01, 332.1
ISBN 978-5-91137-325-2

Current problems and prospects of the Arctic oil and gas sector development
Ed. Doctor of Sciences (Economics) S.Yu. Koz'mcnko, Doctor of Sciences (Economics) V.S. Selin
Scientific reviewers:
Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor M.N. Rudakov Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor F.D. Larichkin
- Apatity, publishing house of the Kola Science Centre of RAS, 2017. - 228 p.
UDC 338.984
BBC 65.9 (2P 31)
ISBN 978-5-91137-314-6

The labour potential of the northern regions within the implementation of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic
E.A. Korchak; Institute for Economic Studies of the Kola Science Centre of RAS
- Apatity: Publishing house of the Kola Science Centre of RAS, 2017. - 174 p.
UDC 331.522
ISBN 978-5-91137-338-2

Chernous S.A.
- Apatity: Publ. by Kola Science Center RAS, 2016. - 84 p.
UDC 551.594.5
ISBN 978-591137-320-7

Environmental aspects of anthropogenic waste conversion to glass and ceramics
Melkonyan R.G., Makarov D.V., Suvorova O.V.
- Apatity: Publ. by Kola Science Center RAS, 2016. - 224 p.
UDC 666.3+666.12
ISBN 978-5-91137-336-8

The North and the Arctic in the new global development paradigm: challenges, trends, prospects.
Scientific-analytical report/ Edited by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor V.S.Selin, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor T.P. Skufina, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor E.P.
Bashmakova, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor E.E. Toropushina.
- Apatity: KSC RAS, 2016. -420 p.
UDC 332.1 (470.2)
ISBN 978-5-91137-328-3

Proceedings of the Conference. Scientific and Practical Approaches in Chemistry and Technology.
I. V. Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials.
Editors: A. I. Nikolaev, Corresponding Member of the RAS, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), D. P. Domonov. PhD (Chemistry)
- Apatity, KSC RAS, 2016.- 150 p.
ISBN 978-5-91137-330-6

B24 Skufin. T.P. Regional Development of Russia in the Context of Macroeconomic Movements
- Apatity: KSC RAS, 2016.-126 p.
ISBN 978-5-91137-332-0

Ecological Problems of Northern Regions and ways for their solution
Proceedings of the VI All-Russian scientific conference with foreign participants.
- Apatity: Publ. ofice of the Kola Science Center RAS. 2016. - 344 P.

Investment climate of the northern areas: Regional and municipal levels: monograph
Serova, N.A. E.E. Yemeljanova; ed. by T.P. Skufjina
- Apatity: IES KSC of RAS, 2015 - 164 p.

The North and the Arctic in the New Global Development Paradigm. Lusin Readings - 2016
Proceedings of the VIII international scientific and practical conference (Apatity. April 14-16. 2016) / edited by E.P.Bashmakova. E.E. Toropushina
- Apatity: IES KSC of RAS, 2016.- 690 p.

Financial support to development of the northern regions
Monograph / ed. G.V.Kobylinskaya
- Apatity: Editing house of the KSC of RAS, 2016.-193 p.